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Heron & Swan

Your unique taste meets our unique products and it becomes a perfect match

Our story

Heron and Swan is a unique initiative that revolves around the idea of uniqueness and rarity. Our name “Heron and Swan” comes from the aesthetic-looking local and migratory birds. Just like “Heron” are the local birds and “Swan” are migratory birds and it might be a sight for a rare eye that one could see both herons and swan together, our products are also so unique and rare that one instantly sets their eyes upon them and no longer take them off. The absolute brilliance of the most different, diverse, and distinct designs of our products set them apart from everything else and you instantly fall in love with them for they are something that does not exist anywhere else. The best thing about our business is that we collect products from local as well as international markets, so it doesn’t matter how low or high your budget is, our store will contain a gift that is just for you, ready for the taking.

Why us?

To answer why you should choose us is really simple for us as, “THERE IS NO ONE LIKE US”. You heard it right, we are not just the providers of unique and rare products around the world, we are also the most unique store in the world because we collect only the unique products from the local and international markets and provide you with gifts that are accustomed to your specific budget, likeness, and quality expectations. We are best at what we do and we take pride in our products and services. It is all fun and no regret when you shop with us and we ensure you that you will keep coming back.

Where are we and/or our vendors located?

We are South Carolina locals. Vendors of our unique items come from all the world, including Italy, Pakistan, Indian and China.


Chat with us, leave us a message or text us at 8772356577.


All of our jewelry comes with Gift Box/Pouch and polishing cloth. Gift Wrapping available upon request.

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